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1. termo f l o w .com Engineering Computation & Simulation

3. Off-Highway Meet the next emissions, comfort, and performance requirements

8. Cooler & cooler bonnets Exhaust systems, exhaust piping

9. Airfan selection, integration Grills, slats, protective grids

10. Heat exchangers Pipes, tubes & air ducts

12. Valves, quick connect couplings, piping Hydraulic tanks

5. Cooling airflow Engine compartment cooling CFD in the right hands - a powerful development tool

6. Thermal & fire protection - first choice for complex geometries and reliable simulations Cabin air conditioning, HVAC

15. termo f l o w .com Engineering Computation & Simulation Neusser Str. 40 D-40667 Meerbusch +49 179 20 80 691

11. Hydraulics Design & Integration ● Valves, quick connect couplings ● Piping pressure drop ● Fittings and blocks ● Hydraulic tanks

13. References Liebherr Construction Cranes & Maritime Equipment Windhoff Railway Equipment Putzmeister Construction Equipment Syn Trac Agricultural Equipment Nissens Cooling Solutions

2. Fluid flow & thermal simulation for smart product development termo f l o w .com offers a unique combination of latest state of the art computational techniques and wide industry experience to deliver accurate results for better understanding of multidisciplinary physics in complex geometries of machines and applications. Our clients utilize Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) in some of the following ways: ● to develop know-how and improve product performance ● as an unique selling point, giving their sales strategy a competitive advantage ● as a scientific approach to production cost reduction and operational cost savings for their customers ● to conform to the ever-changing environmental regulations, while maintaining optimum performance ● to analyze and manage risk in product application ● to test their product in a multitude of scenarios, eliminating the cost of actual experiments

4. Thermal Management ● Cooling airflow ● Engine compartment cooling ● Cabin air conditioning, HVAC ● Electronics and battery cooling ● Thermal protection ● Fire protection (proofs of functionality) Full-scale CFD simulation of agricultural application

7. Power pack / Powertrain Design ● Exhaust systems, exhaust piping ● Grills, slats, protective grids ● Airfan selection, integration ● Cooler & cooler bonnets ● Hoods/bonnets & covers ● Pipes, tubes & air ducts ● Heat exchangers ● Hydrodynamic, aerodynamic, thermal loads


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