Optimization of exhaust systems and exhaust piping

Performance, pressure resistance, heat exchange


Optimization of exhaust systems and exhaust piping

Modern exhaust systems are far more complicated than a simple piping. A major design challenge is to meet the newest environmental regulation. It requires the introduction and integration of new components like exhaust gas recirculation (EGR), diesel particulate filters (DPFs), or selective catalytic reduction (SCR). These high-tech systems operate under certain conditions where fluid-gas interaction or/and filtration and recirculation enable NOx reduction. For example keeping pressure loss and exhaust gas temperature in a certain range is a major issue for system performance.

Environmental requirements increase permanently and design loops require validated simulation techniques to narrow down improvements. Termoflow.com's latest state of the art computational techniques and wide industry experience help to evaluate infinite number of designs in a short time and point out an optimized solution.

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