Cooling airflow & operating point, backpressure & pressure resistance curve

Cooling System Development


Cooling airflow & operating point, backpressure & pressure resistance curve

Cooling System Development

When designing and optimizing new cooling system one major issue is the operating poit of the airfan. This Point is defined with two parameter: the required mass/volumen flow rate of cooling air and the backpressure or the pressure resistance, whitch appears due to all geometrical obstacles witch the airflow has to overcome. While the value of the mass/volume flow rate of the cooling air is known from the cooler manufacturer, the total pressure resistance of the aplication is unknown. 

A proper evaluation of the operating poin is not only important in terms of cooling performance, but also in terms of noise emmisions and required power of the fan drive. For hydraulic application this makes a snawball effect in the design of the hydraulic components.