Electric machines and drive units

Thermal simulation

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Electric machines and drive units

In order to make the electric motor suitable for mobile use, great efforts are required in terms of size, service life, temperature insensitivity, safety and efficiency. For safe operating behavior, even in the event of overload, the design and development or integration must take into account both the pure performance data of the machine and the heating processes during operation under real changing loads. The goal is always to protect the machine against inadmissible heating in case of overload. Here we are in demand as a flow technician. In order to analyze and evaluate the thermal behavior of electrical machines under dynamic load requirements, we integrate current numerical methods into the design of your electric drive. We take into account:

  • The detailed geometry of the components and the installation space, no matter how complex
  • Heat transfer through conduction, convection and possibly radiation
  • Transient events
  • Turbulence
  • Structure coupling (material heating and thermomechanical stress)
  • Rotating assemblies

Possible applications include:

  • Assessment and development of cooling concepts
  • Flow in wheel sidewalls
  • Heating by electrical currents (Joule heat)