Battery thermal management

Thermal simulation

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Battery thermal management

In operation, various factors influence the behavior of batteries. Thus, the battery temperature has a significant impact on performance and capacity. In addition, certain temperature limits must not be exceeded. The frequently occurring in driving high charging and discharging rates act here by releasing heat unfavorable. Inadmissibly high temperatures are the result, if not actively intervened by cooling measures. On the other hand, it is important to protect the batteries from low temperatures by heating. Consequently, thermal management is necessary for the safe and stable long-term operation of batteries. With our in-depth know-how in the field of thermal analysis and CFD, we are happy to assist you in the development of highly efficient cooling concepts and systems.

We simulate with:

  • Thermal models based on finite elements
  • RANS-based CFD models based on finite volume

The following physical phenomena and circumstances are u.a. considered:

  • The complete packing geometry as well as the materials used
  • Heat transfer through conduction, convection and possibly radiation
  • Transient, turbulent processes
  • structure couplin