Air conditioning & comfort


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Air conditioning & comfort (HVAC)

Intelligent thermal management increases the range of electric vehicles. By optimally utilizing waste heat from the powertrain, heat pumps, coolant pumps, intelligent coolant valves and the targeted distribution of heat and cold in the vehicle, the energy required to heat and cool the passenger compartment and accumulators can be reduced, thus increasing the range. We do all the simulation tasks for you in the following areas:

  • Promote, manage, distribute and regulate air and other media
  • Heat recovery (heat exchangers, heat pumps etc.)
  • Window defrosting and fitting
  • Flow and temperature fields in passenger compartments and housings
  • Particle studies, particle separation in filters, air contamination, exhaust emissions
  • Humid air and condensation

We simulate with:

  • Thermal models based on finite elements
  • RANS-based CFD models based on finite volume